the solution for the shit healthcare system ain’t to have the government pay for it cause all that’s done is create problems and help stagnate the economy; instead let’s actually fucking deal with the problem, which is overcomplication and bureaucracy and a giant insurance company circlejerk/bukkake and make the price of medical procedures what they actually cost


War in south Sudan 



Americans are afraid to talk about the NSA on social media, according to a new survey published by the Pew Research Center. Since Edward Snowden leaked thousands of documents detailing the agency’s massive surveillance program on U.S. citizens’ digital and wireless communications, Americans say they are far more willing to criticize the NSA in face-to-face discussions compared to online.

Just knowing that total surveillance exists is having a chilling effect on American political speech. This is dangerous. People are censoring themselves online because they now know the government is collecting our digital information. But we shouldn’t be afraid or less willing to talk about these things just because we’re being watched. That’s exactly what they want.